Updated June 15 2017

As a user of our website and services we recommend that you carefully read our privacy policy. Within our privacy policy you will learn about our practices when collecting information about you. By using this website you agree to the following privacy policy details. Even if you only read this privacy policy once and continue to use the site after we update the privacy policy information you still agree to the terms listed in this privacy policy.

This privacy policy details that practices that we use in regards to the private information that you place on our website www.writingjobfinder.com. When you decide to use our website, its services, sign up for an account, use applications, buy writing services, sell writing services you make the choice to accept the term of this privacy policy.

This privacy policy can be updated at any time. We recommend that you check back to this privacy policy page often (especially before entering any private information) in order to ensure that you agree to the policies set forth.

Ages 13 and younger

Writing Job Finder is not for anyone under the age of 13. If you are under the age of 13 years old leave and wait until you are 13 years old. And do not provide any personal information if you are under the age of the 13. For anyone younger than 13 years of age do not use our website, do not fill out any forms and especially do not provide any personal information. This includes your name, age, race, phone number, email address or any other identifying information. If we find out that you are under the age of 13 we will promptly delete your information and try to report your actions to your parents. If you think that me might have obtained the information of a person under the age of 13 please report it immediately at admin@writingjobfinder.com

Type of information that is collected:

The information that we collect about you is collected voluntarily. Information such as your IP, browser profile information and other general information that is commonly found on other similar websites will be collected about you. Any information in regards to your name, phone number, address and email is secure and will always remain private.

If you make the decision to post pictures of yourself, pet, family members, friends, or associates in the form of videos, content writing or pictures this information is not private (just like any information that you have chosen to post on the internet).

All transactions, personal identification and any other information exchanged on Writing Job Finder is to remain private and out of the public domain. At no point is any of the information acquired from this website to be bought, sold or otherwise exchanged.

By accepting the terms of this privacy policy you agree to let us collect information about you, this includes while you browse ads that may be placed on our website. We may gather what is known as user Global Unique Identifier, user agent strings, IP data, hosting information, country, browser profile information, the device used and other similar information that is within the scope of what is considered normal information collection practices.

Methods used to collection private information

In most cases we collect information about you that you have made the choice to provide to us. For example; when you register with us you are making the choice to provide us with your name, email address and other information related to signing up for an account like ours. Other examples of information that you voluntarily provide to us include information that you provide on your writer profile page in the form of your name, pictures and related profile information.

To improve user performance we also collect information about your computer (digital footprint). This information is collected directly or by using automated systems. In most cases where we collect information automatically we use what is known as cookies in the web geek industry. Cookies are small bits of software or information that are placed on your browser that will allow us to learn more about you. We use cookies in order to improve the overall user performance while on our website. The cookies that we use do not have any personal information about you. To learn more about our Cookies policy read more below.

What we can do with your private information

The ways that we use your information is only used within the scope of what is considered normal by other similar services like ours. To insure quality we may use the information that we have collected to make sure that you are who you say that you are. For example; if you lose your password and need a new one we will use the collected information to help verify that you are indeed who you say that you are. In most cases we will use the information that we collect to prevent fraud. The way that we process information differs depending on the country that you live in and we reserve the right to use servers that are located outside of the United States as we see fit. All information collected will be saved indefinitely, even accounts that have been closed. At any point if a legal governing body such as law enforcement or other legal entity requests information about you in order to prevent fraud we will cooperate in every way possible. This includes providing them with your name, revenues, pictures, writing jobs and related information.

Third parties

We will never sell, rent or provide the information that we have collected about you to third parties for the sake of marketing without your consent.

In some cases we might use the information that we have collected about you to help us improve our user experience and to personalize the services that you have access to.

At any point in time if you no longer wish to receive emails (or other marketing communications) from us you have the ability to opt out. You can opt out using the opt out link within the email or you can send us an email here admin@writingjobfinder.com.

We might provide your information to third parties but only for the following reasons;

In order to protect you and our users against fraud. Examples include; money laundering, false claims and other acts. Any information collected by payment vendors is subject to the privacy policies that the define for their business.

To respond to a court order or other government authorities.

To service providers that we have hired in order to build our CRM systems, email systems and consultants that have been hired to help us improve our website.


Anytime that you visit a website (most websites) the website will leave what is known as a cookie on your computer. Similar technologies may be used in order to place tracking information on your computer. Cookies improve user experience and make signing into our website easier. Some cookies contain Flash technologies and html files that will allow us to track your preferences and the activity that you take on our website. The files that we save about you will contain information about the webpages on our site that you have visited in the past, the duration of your stay on individual pages, referral data and related information.

Blocking cookies

If you choose to block cookies within your browser not all services that we offer will be available to you. You may choose to delete cookies at any point in time. If you choose to block cookies or delete cookies you may have to manually insert your user name and password every time that you login. To learn more about cookies you can visit this link www.allaboutcookies.org. Note: Writing Job Finder is no way affiliated with this website and cannot insure its accuracy.

Information security

Writing Job Finder goes to extreme lengths in order to protect the security of our writers and buyers. We do whatever it takes to prevent unauthorized access using technologies common in the information security industry. Nothing is 100% secure and we cannot guarantee that your information is safe from unauthorized access. To make sure that your information is safe never place password information on your computer or elsewhere online.

Third party websites

While you are on our website you may come across links to third parties. Once you leave our website we are not in anyway liable for what happens to your information. We suggest that you carefully read the third party websites privacy policy before entering your information. This privacy policy only pertains to the information that we collect here at Writing Job Finder.

Residents in California

If you live in California you can request more information about the personal information that we collect about you. This is in response to California Civil Code § 1798.83. To request this information you can send us an email at admin@writingjobfinder.com.