Updated May 2017

Now introducing Writing Job Finder. Your place online to find writing jobs and hire writers.

Within the following terms of service describe what is allowed and not allowed when you access our website. This includes the content within it, the way that they website operates and the writing services that our users offer.

It is recommended that you read through this terms of service page prior to using our website.

When you open an account with us or when you click the link to accept our Terms of Service you agree and accept to the details listed in this Terms of Service and within our Privacy Policy which you can read more about here. If you do not agree to the Terms of Service detailed on this page then you should not access or use our website in anyway.

Writing Job Finder is only available to users age 13 and over. If you are under the age of 13 then you may not access or use the services within. When you use this website you warrant that you are over the age of 13 therefore you are of legal age to agree to a binding contract with our Writing Job Finder services – And that you meet all of the requirements to be eligible. If you do not meet all the the requirements you are forbidden to access the website.

Do you need to know more about our Terms of Service? Our customer support desk is available to you 24/7 to answer all of your questions and to assist you with any concerns that you may have. Our support desk can be contacted by filling out the form on this page.

Specific Terms

Writing jobs – Writing Jobs are jobs posted by independent parties or business organizations looking for potential writers for specific writing jobs that they have requested.

Writing services – Writing services are services related to the variety of writing categories which can be found on the main page of the website.

Writing services page – The writing services page is where the seller (also known as the writing service provider) can describe the writing service that they offer in detail.

Writing service add ons – Writing service add ons are for when the writing service provider offers additional services as part of their usual writing services. This can include but not limited to multiple writing jobs, additional words per writing job and related add on services.

Writing service packages – Writing service packages allow the writing service provider to list their writing services in different prices and formats other then what is typically offered on this website.

Customized writing service offers – Customized writing service offers allow the writing service provider to be able to write proposals for a buyers specific requests.

Customized writing service orders – Customized writing service orders allow the buyer to obtain a customized writing service offer from a writing service provider.

Writing service orders – Are the formal agreement that is made between writing service providers and buyers that made the purchase from the writing services page.

Writing service order page – This is the page where the writing service provider and the buyer of their services communicate with each other in relation to a writing service that has been ordered.

Disputes – Disputes are disagreements between a buyer and seller of writing services.

Revenue – Revenue is used to describe the money that a writing service provider has made from the writing orders that they have completed.

User Balances – User Balances are where users who have completed orders and where the revenue has been cleared can withdraw money or where that money can be used to purchase writing gigs. And/or the credit that has been collected from writing jobs that have been canceled or when our website offers promotions. User balances can be used towards purchasing writing jobs from service providers on our website.

Summary of Terms of Service (Overview)

Registration is absolutely free.

Only users that are of 13 years and older my buy and sell writing jobs on this website.

Writing jobs offered on Writing Job Finder may only be offered at a minimum of $4. Some writing jobs are offered at a higher rate and is determined by the person selling the writing service.

Buyers pay Writing Job Finder in advance of receiving and placing an order.

Writing service orders are purchased directly from the order button that can be found on the writing service providers offer page or from a custom writing service offer page.

To learn more about fees and for the payment process please read the writing service purchasing section here.

Writing service providers have to fulfill their orders. Writing service providers must not cancel orders on a consistent bases or without good reason. If a writing service provider continues to cancel orders regularly their reputation and status in our system may be affected.

As a writing service provider you can gain higher levels in our system that will allow you to provide writing service job extras and the ability to offer writing services in multiples.

Under no circumstance are users of our writing job finder service allowed to accept or offer payment using any other method of payment other than through WritingJobFinder.com

Purchasers or the writing services on this website are entitled to all rights of the delivered writing services unless otherwise specified in the writing service providers writing service offer page. Exceptions – Some writing service providers charge extra as part of their writing service offers for commercial use licensing. Visit the commercial use licensing section below.

Writing Job Finder reserves the right to make use of any and all published and delivered writing services as we see fit. This includes but is not limited to Writing Job Finder promotions, advertisements and elsewhere.

Your privacy is very important to us. We go to extreme measures to insure that your information is secured. This includes personal information and payment information.

Writing Service Providers

Writing service providers have the ability to post the services on our website.

Writing service providers can also offer the option to provide the buyer with custom offers to meet the buyers specific requirements.

Every order that you the writing service provider sells and successfully completes will have 85% of the purchased amount accredited to your account.

Writing Job Finder will add the accredited amount to the writing service providers account once the order is completed. For more information please see the writing service orders section below.

If for any reason the writing service order is cancelled for any reason at all the funds that were paid to the writing service provider will be refunded to the buyer in full within the shopping balance.

Any revenue generated by the writing service provider will be made available to the service provider following a period of 14 day waiting period after the writing service order has been completed.

Writing service providers are not permitted to advertise their writing services or any other content within our website via AdWords.

Writing service providers are allowed to withdraw the revenue that they have generated using our website using one of the available withdraw options found here.

Your writing service provider rating is calculated by the amount of writing service orders that you complete and by the reviews that buyers leave. The higher that your rating becomes the more opportunities that open up for the writing service provider. Learn more about the levels below.

In some cases we might temporarily stop a writing service providers ability to withdraw revenues if we suspect that there has been fraud, illegal activity or other misconduct that is not in accordance with ethical practices. This is especially true in regards to multiple Writing Job Finder accounts associated with one fund withdrawal provider or reports of improper behavior by the buyers who use our service.

Writing Services

Writing service providers have the ability to make available their writing services based upon their expertise and status level in our system.

3 writing service offers for service providers without any increase in level.

7 writing service offers for service providers with a level of 1.

15 writing service offers for service providers with a level of 2.

30 writing service offers for service providers with a level of 3.

Writing services offered on Writing Job Finder are provided as User Generated Content.

Writing services offered by writing service providers may be removed without warning by Writing Job Finder. This includes but is not limited to accounts and individual writing service offers. The following are examples of violations and materials not allowed on Writing Job Finder:

Writing services that go beyond the allowed 30 days service duration.
Reselling or writing materials not written by the service provider.
Writing services which purposely mislead buyers.
Spam writing services.
Writing services that encourage or evoke violence.
Hate writing or other discriminatory writing.
Copyright infringement and/or trademark infringement.
Writing that is considered obscene, adult orientated or pornographic in nature.
All other illegal or fraudulent writing services.

Writing service offers that are removed for any of the above violations are subject to removal without warning.
Writing service providers who violate any of the above rules are also subject to removal of their account at our sole discretion.
Any writing service offers that are removed for any violation are not eligible to be restored or edited for re-approval on our website.
Any writing service offers that are placed on our website by any user are subject to be removed from our search features at any time at our discretion.
All writing service offers are required to have an image of the writing service offered that fits the service.
Writing service offers are allowed to have one video uploaded that details more about the writing service.
Any statements made on the writing service offer page that tries to undermine the terms of service on this page are subject to immediate removal.
Eligible writing service providers are allowed to set the price of their writing services beyond the $4 base price for writing services.
Eligible writing service providers are allowed to extend the time that it takes to complete the service. This is typically used for writing services that take more time to complete because of their scope and time needed to complete.


Writing Job Finder was created for writers of all writing levels. The goal of our website is to match the most appropriate writers to the needs of buyers looking for content. The longer a writer has used our website and the more time that they have taken to prove their ability the higher level that they will obtain in our system. Having a higher ranking means getting matched up with more opportunities that demand a higher skill set.

Writers will gain higher account rankings based upon user reviews, continued service excellence and overall performance.
The advancement of rankings is updated by an automated system based upon performance.
The ranks that writers can obtain are level 1, 2, 3 and top ranked.
If a writer fails to meet the quality standards can have their rank reduced at any time. Examples that can cause a reduction in rank are being late often, warnings received or complaints.
Writers that accomplish higher rankings in our system take advantage of additional benefits, including the ability to offer writing service offers, higher prices and other parameters.

Top Ranked Writers

To become a top ranked writer the writer must prove their ability and have completed a minimum of 25 writing jobs using our system.
All Top Ranked Writers are manually approved by our staff and further promoted on our website.
Sales volume, article buyer satisfaction rates, high customer service, writing quality and seniority are all ways that a writer can be promoted to a higher rank.
Top Ranked writers are constantly monitored by the staff here at Writing Job Finder to ensure the level of quality that is offered is that of a professional writing service.
Any violation of Writing Job Finders Terms of Service can jeopardize a writers ranking.

Writing service features

At Writing Job Finder we offer several features that are unique to our website. These features allow the writer to customize how the writing services that they provide are offered on their writing service offer pages.

Customized writing service offer

Writing service providers are allowed to send the buyer a customized offer for the writing services that they offer.
Customized writing services allow the writer to send to the buyer the exact details of the writing services being offered.
The customized writing service offers will be send using the conversation features within our website.
The services offered within the customized offers feature cannot violate our Terms of Service.

Withdrawing revenue earned

To withdraw money from Writing Job Finder users of our website must have an account with one of our withdraw methods seen here.
Only one withdrawal method can be associated to your Writing Job Finder profile.
There is a waiting period of 14 days from the completion of the writing service order before revenue can be transferred to the withdrawal method of your choice. Top ranked writers have a waiting period of 7 days.
For writing service providers to withdrawal revenue they must initiate the process by choosing the designated withdrawal provider.
Writers who withdrawal revenue are only allowed to withdrawal revenue in the amount available in their balance.
The fee that is charged to withdrawal revenue varies depending on the withdrawal method that is being used.
All withdrawals are considered final. After you have withdrawn revenue the withdrawal action cannot be reversed or changed.

Revenue withdrawal methods

Currently we only offer PayPal as a withdrawal method. This will change as our Writing Job Finder service expands. So stay tuned.

There is a withdrawal fee of 2% of the sum of the revenue withdrawn and up to $1.

Additional fees might apply depending on the country that you live in. For a full list of PayPal fees by country visit this link.

Writing service buyers


Buyers may not offer writing service providers money outside of our payment system. Doing so will get you banned from using our service ever again.
Writing Job Finder reserves the right to use the writing works delivered for advertising, promotions or elsewhere.
Buyers may post writing service requests on our writing service request board found here. All writing service requests must not violate or Terms of Service and must meet our list of approved writing services found here.

Writing service purchasing

Buyers who choose to hire a writer pay Writing Job Finder by creating an order from the writing service providers offer page by clicking on the Hire Writer Now button.
Buyers who would like to hire a writer to meet their specific needs can request a custom writing service from our writing service request board.
When a buyer hires a writer processing fees are applied. These fees can be reviewed by the buyer and accepted at the time of purchase. The fees that we apply to each writing job order are applied in order to help cover the payment processor fees and administrative fees. As of May 2017 the fees that are applied to every order are $1 for purchases not exceeding $20 and 5% for purchases exceeding $20. When you the buyer makes a purchase using revenue stored in your user account balance a processing fee will not be applied. More so, any funds deposited into your user account balance from canceled orders will not have the processing fee applied.
When you have funds in your user account balance the funds within it will be used towards the purchase of your next writing job that you hire.
If you are ever offered to pay a seller using any other payment method other than our payment system you are encouraged to report it using the contact us form found here.
Writing Job Finder does not collect credit card information, but the payment vendors used on our website can and usually do. We are not exposed to this payment information. All payment information is protected by our privacy policy found here.


Citizens of Israel who use our service to buy writing services will be charged a VAT fee. This fee is in addition to the writing job fee shown on the writing job offer page. We will provide an invoice to Israeli buyers who are eligible to get back the VAT from the tax authorities.

Writing job orders


Once you have placed an order and your payment has been confirmed you will be given an order number unique to your order.
Writers must deliver all writing work using the writing work delivery button found on the writing order page.
Writers who try to abuse the system to circumvent the order guidelines listed in this Terms of Service are subject to getting the ordered canceled and possibly affecting the writers ranking or banning from our writing job finder service.
For a writing order to be marked as complete the order must be first marked as delivered and rated by the buyer. If the order has not been rated or if there is no request by the buyer to modify the order the order will be marked as complete in 3 days.
If there is ever a conflict amoungst buyers and sellers you are encouraged to try and come to an agreement before filling out a request for review form which can be filled out here.

Order handling

After an order is placed to hire a writing service the seller will be notified via email that an order was placed, as well as notifications within the website if the writer is logged into the website.
Writers are required to meet the time lines as described in the writing service offer that the order was placed from. It is the writers responsibility to insure that they receive their email messages in a timely manner in order to fulfill the order.
Writers must send all articles and other writing materials using the deliver order button located on the writing service order page to mark the order delivered.
It is your job as the user of Writing Job Finder to scan the files that have been delivered for virus’ or malware. Writing Job Finder is not responsible for damages that are the result of you not taking the proper measures to secure your computer. A reputable anti-virus and malware scanning tool is suggested when working on the internet.
Writers have the option to cancel an order at any given time although doing so without first contacting the buyer can potentially result in negatively affecting their ranking.
If the buyer of a writing service finds that the writing services that they have purchased do not meet the writers description the request revision button located within the writing service order page must be selected to offer the writer the opportunity to make the needed corrections.

Writer reviews

Writing Job Finder is dependent upon buyer reviews to properly rank our writers. Take the time to leave an honest detailed review to give credit to great writers.
Buyer reviews will not be removed unless the review is in direct violation of our Terms of Service.
Only honest reviews will be accepted by buyers who have purchased writing jobs. Abuse of the review system will not be tolerated and will result in getting banned from using our service.
Reviews are publicly displayed on the writers profile page. Buyers have the option to not leave a review of the writing services that they have received and can decide to only rate the service if they wish.
Choosing to cancel a writing order does not immediately remove the review, but if the writing order was mutually canceled then the review will be removed.
Asking the buyer to leave a positive review in order to obtain possession of the writing services is strictly prohibited. Doing so can get the writer banned.
Once the writing services have been delivered the buyer has 14 days to leave a review. If no review has been left within 14 days the writing service will be marked as completed.
Writers cannot ask the buyer to remove the review through mutual cancellation of the writing service order.

Cancellations and Disputes

Buyers and sellers are encouraged to try their best to handle disputes on their own, however there are cases where resolution is not possible using conventional means. If for any reason conventional measures to come up with a resolution are not possible then Writing Job Finder will assist in the matter. To file a dispute contact our Customer Support and Disputes Department here.

Cancellations are manually reviewed on a case by case bases and are subject to our discretion.


Orders that are eligible for cancellation can be performed by Writing Job Finder using the customer support page or by filling out the dispute resolution form.
Do not file a dispute with PayPal, bank or other payment provider. Doing so is a direct violation of our Terms of Use. If you do so your account will be temporarily disabled so that we can investigate the issue. If continued disputes are filed with PayPal, your bank or other payment processor we reserve the right to remove your account.
In the event that you dispute a transaction with PayPal, your bank or other payment provider the funds in your user account will no longer be eligible for a refund.
We highly recommend that you utilize our Dispute Department options before taking such extreme measures as canceling a payment with PayPal, your bank or other payment method.
If a transaction is potentially fraudulent or suspicious we reserve the right to cancel the order and place a temporary hold on the funds until the suspected fraud can be investigated.
If payment in full for the writing service offered is not made delivery to the buyer will not be made.
Canceled orders will have the funds refunded to the buyers user balance.
Writers can outline the amount of revisions offered in their writing services offered page. No revisions is an option.
Even if the writing service order is marked as delivered revisions can still be made.
Trying to leverage the writing revisions button beyond the agreement in the writing services order is not allowed.

Writing order cancellations

Writers and buyers are encouraged to resolve disputes professionally before opening a dispute.
Disputes will be resolved by Writing Job Finder staff in a timely manner and will be based upon violations of our Terms of Use, fraud, abuse of our system, misconduct and improper use of the writing service delivery system. For more information see below.
Up to 14 days after an order has been completed any order can be canceled dependent upon review by our customer support team.
We will not cancel an order if the writer has effectively fulfilled the promised writing services as described in the writers service offered page. Our knowledgeable staff of experienced writers will review the quality of the content written and will make a determination from there.
Buyers who are not satisfied with the writing services that they have been provided must use the Writing Job Resolution page before contacting Customer Support. We will not take any action until the buyer has first contacted the writer to make the requested corrections or to address issues related to the writing work delivered. This does not include writers who have violated our Terms of Service.

Writing Job Finder will cancel writing job orders for the following reasons. Other reasons not described here may be possible to cancel orders. This includes:

Writing service order in progress:

Writer has been banned because they have violated our Terms of Service or if their account has been closed.
Writer is late to deliver the order and has not responded to the seller for longer than 48 hours.
Buyer and/or seller is abusive towards one another.
Writer has delivered content that violates copyright laws or infringes on trademarks.

Delivered writing service orders:

Writer uses the delivery system to request more time to complete the writing project.
Writer delivers incomplete writing work or no work has been attached.
Writer requests more money for the services offered on their writing service offer page.
Writer threatens to hold the writing work if the buyer does not offer a high rating for their writing services.
Buyers who are found to abuse the request revision tabs in order to take advantage of the writer.
Buyers who threaten to leave a negative review if the writer does not meet their demands outside of the writers service offer page.

Completed writing service orders:

Writers who have provided writing services that violate copyright or trademarks.
Buyers who have purchased writing materials from our writers and have used the content commercially when they have not specifically purchased commercial rights to the content.

Refund policy

If you decide to cancel an order we do not refund the money back into your account or payment provider automatically. When the funds are released back to you they are released to you as a user balance, at which point you can use the funds to make future purchases or withdrawal them to the payment provider of your choice. Any fees that were accrued will be deducted from the total amount.

We are able to deposit funds into your account, but in order to prevent abuse and fraud we place limits on the amount of times that users can request refunds. All refunds are manually authorized and may be subject to additional fees. Fees accrued from processing writing service orders are not nonrefundable.

Code of conduct and user protection

Writing Job Finder is an online service that matches writers to jobs that they are best qualified for. Our goal is always the same; to drive business professionals to writing service providers. If there is ever a report of abuse from our writers or buyers we take these reports very seriously. Be professional and be courteous because life is just too short to have it any other way.


All writer and buyer identities are to remain anonymous. Do not request email addresses, Facebook profile information, Skype or other screen name information, phone numbers or related personal contact information in order to bypass the Writing Job Finder messaging system to abuse or harass.

Identifying information needed to effectively create content is permitted so long as it is directly related to the project.

We offer no guarantee on the quality of content that you will receive by using our resource of talented writers. If there is ever an issue with the content that you have received from one of our writers please contact them first to resolve the issue and then utilize the dispute resolution options available to you.

We are not liable for any personal interactions outside of our messaging system and offer no protection for such interactions.

All files, conversations and interactions are to be used only within our messaging and order system.

We do not discriminate against people that are different. Actually we encourage you to be different. This includes but is not limited to; age, race, religion, country of origin, type of sex or any other known discriminatory action. This type of behavior is not tolerated and strictly dealt with.

Writing service orders:

Writers who try to defame other writers by placing orders then leaving negative reviews will be banned and promptly removed from our system.

Users of Writing Job Finder will not spam other users with their services or products. Doing so will can potentially get you temporarily restricted or banned.

Writing Job Finder will review chargebacks or other payment provider issues on a case by case bases. Our goal is to resolve these issues in the writers favor. We will do our best to refund all or some of the revenue back if possible.

Writing Jobs

If you locate writing jobs that are in violation of our Terms of Service you are asked to please report them to our Customer Service department immediately.

Violations of our Terms of Service

If a user has been found to violate or Terms of Service there are several actions that can be taken:

Send a warning
Temporary ban
Permanent ban

Violations that will get you permanently banned.

Buying or selling Writing Job Finder accounts.
Abusing other users, especially when creating new accounts to do so.
Creating multiple accounts. Users are allowed to have one account.
Using your account to defraud or other unlawful use.
Using buyer or sellers identity elsewhere.
Contacting members in the attempts to force spam messages.
Bullying, hate speech or harassment.
Pornographic or adult content anywhere.

General terms of use

If you choose to use Writing Job Finder after the date that this Terms of Service is written then you agree to all Terms listed set forth. It is your responsibility to insure that you are aware of the Terms within.

We make make changes to this Terms of Service at any time that we see fit. When these changes have been made they will be applied to this page.

If you have a dispute you are required to use the form on our Disputes and Resolutions page. Other means of contact about disputes is not authorized.

If an account has been disabled for any reason the user will be able to withdrawal funds after a waiting period of 60 days from the date that the last payment was cleared.

All users of Writing Job Finder must be able to verify their account ownership by supplying the appropriate identification materials to our Quality Control Team.

If you have had your account banned you can contact our Quality Control Team.

Users with banned or deactivated accounts will no longer be able to use our websites powerful services.

Any violation of our Terms of Service can potentially get you banned.

Quality is our primary objective. If for some reason we believe that you are not contributing top quality in every way to our community and to the services that you are providing we reserve the right to place a temporary hold on your account and/or disable your account.

User generated content terms

All of the content that is uploaded by our users in the forms of words, videos and images is known as user generated content. Because of the sheer volume that is uploaded Writing Job Finder we cannot monitor every piece of user generated content on our website. All users are encouraged to help police our website for user generated content that is not in accordance with our Terms of Service. Any content that you report to us that violates are Terms of Service is subject to removal and potentially getting the user permanently banned.

We are in no way responsible for user generated content that is uploaded to our website. This includes the quality of the content, potential trademark or copyright infringement, local or international laws that users have violated or other violations.

When a user uploads content to our website and/or provides content to buyers they are solely responsible for their actions. All user generated content must comply with our Terms of Service and governing bodies.

It is our policy to terminate accounts of users who infringe on the rights of others.

If you suspect that a user has violated copyright or trademark laws you are encouraged to visit our Claims of Copyright and Trademark Infringement page.

Ownership information

If the writer does not indicate on their writing services offer page that the writing services that they offer are copyrighted then the buyer who paid for the content maintains the rights to the content that they have purchased. All delivered writing services are considered work-for-hire which can be further defined under the US Copyright Act. When the US Copyright Act does not apply the writer who sold the written material agrees to assign to the buyer the copyright of the content that was delivered. Some writing service offers provide the ability to include commercial licensing for which the written content that they are providing. If this is the case and you choose not to purchase commercial rights you will only be allowed to use the written content for private use. If there is any doubt you are encouraged to contact the writer before placing an order with them.

Exceptions: Writing Job Finder has absolute rights to all user generated content for use in advertisements and promotional materials. The liability of the content that was created lays in the hands of the users that originally created the content.

Commercial licensing information

When you accept the option to purchase a Commercial Use License of any of the content offered by writers on our website this means that you have been granted exclusive rights to the content that you have purchased. The commercial use license cannot be transferred to anyone or entity. This means that the purchased content can be used in website content, blogs, advertisements, software and elsewhere as the purchaser sees fit. Neither Writing Job Finder or the seller of the written content will ever be liable for lawsuits, accusations or damages as the result of any commercial licenses that have been purchased.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Use our website and the services within it at your own risk. We offer no warranties at all for anything, either express or implied. No user of our website, associates or employees of our Writing Job Finder makes any warranty claims. This includes the accuracy of information on our website, quality and/or security.

Automatic translations

Writing Job Finder is a website created and written for fluent English speaking persons. If you have used a translation software such as Google Translator to read this website you are at risk of misinterpreting the information within this Terms of Service and elsewhere on our website. If you are not a native English speaker and for a more accurate understanding of this Terms of Service you should not use a translation software to interpret the content within this website, rather it is suggested that you hire a professional service that is certified by an educational facility backed by a curriculum accepted by a major university located in the United States.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstance is Writing Job Finder, our writers, associates, affiliates, staff, directors or any other entity connected with our website liable for damages caused by your inability to use/not use our website, services that link to our website, including social media sites, directories or elsewhere. This includes but is not limited to injury, property damage, pain and suffering, loss of revenue, data loss (including negligence), even if it may have been foreseeable.